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Medium ship has 2 lower decks and the large ship can have up to 3 lower decks. Now if you wish to have RS gold a crew on board, you could. They're like servants in construction but preform different tasks. There's a navigator, cook and cannon-man (Operates weapons in mini-games that will be discussed later) or a repairman to repair your ship. To support you crew you must pay them cash and give the crew quarters for sleeping in. Now when you go out to sea you can also store supplies such as drinks and food, including alchohal. Now when you go out at sea, you will not be attacked by other players ships, but you could be stopped and searched by a patrol vessel.

They will board your ship to make sure you aren't smugiling weapons or people. You can also be able to have passengers pay a fare up to 10k depending on the size of your vessel. Any port in Runescape can be reached by. But, you cannot summon familiers, or any other creature. Pets cannot be brought onto anyone else's or your boat. If you depart your vessel without returning your ship and crew, the ship and crew will remain in port. Your crew cannot take over your vessel. If you don't fire them, or don't pay them or they're unhappy with the condition of your boat (e.g., not enough food, insufficient sleeping spaces and so on.) Nobody will be able to access your vessel.

The mini-game is now in the works. I'm not sure of an appropriate name for the mini-game at this point, so I'll be looking at ideas. This is a risky mini-game. This is NOT a MULTI-COMBAT AREA! For example 3 ships are being taken by you. One armed ship is encountered. Only one of your vessels is allowed to engage it. It will Cheap OSRS gold be impossible for the other ships engage in combat, board it, or engage it in any way.