What's the best monster dagger

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So do you think once I have the requirementments. I'll have the ability to do the quest with loads of Shark and Lots of RS gold Pray Pots? Well I must admit I've never had much love for the farming ability but I am attempting to have al my stats 40+. So I need to raise that, ever since the skill came out though I've collected seeds since I understood that some day I would porbably wind up leveling it.

Well, I have a few questions regarding being a member, some of em seem fairly nooby, but its not like im gonna spend days studying all the member stuff, not like I have the time or anything, that I dont but I digress. I'm gonna place these plain and easy, then check this everyday, clear straightforward answers are appreciated.

1) What's the best monster dagger and just how long does the poison last? 3) What if my f2p abilities be at before I turned into a mem? 4) Where is the best training? 8) Is fletching worthwhile? 9) How can I perform herblore (guide wasn't much aid:-RRB- )-simple and plain please 10) What's the ideal method to RuneScape gold buy get construction up so I can build a house? 11) How simple is hunter really? 12) Is it effortless to get around? 15) Are whip prices going down or up?