If you are gon kind something you have ta do

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These men are so full of crap, the Twitch flow yesterday about all of the"new" things in Madden NFL 21 was nothing but them patting themselves on the trunk after they dropped us such as hot rocks back in April. It really is a pity b/c Madden could be something fantastic, but EA doesn't give two turds about their customer base. They make this big announcement that they heard that the neighborhood about the Mut 21 coins issues with franchise mode, but it shouldn't have come to this.

Look, I honestly hope they improve the match for your community, however I refuse to give EA another penny. In reality, my entire family like my son, my brother and three nephews have decided to boycott EA and out of what nephews and my son explained, they have several friends who are doing exactly the same. More people follow suit b/c the way EA will alter their ways is if we strike on them we're it hurts, the gain margin.When PUs first came out it thought that it was cool; you can follow the progression of your players and anybody could have. Remember many people would have to take the fact we would not receive the player that high and when high value card would come out or wait until end game. Now a days; nothing is special. I wish it would return to chems on gamers. You had to make compromise and concessions to deserve the chem boost. For the chemistry challenges you had to tweak your own team 8 times to finish.

The dilemma is that EA will never come close to creating as they do in actual life players play. And whats worse is that EA will not give precisely the time that it needs to gameplay. That's why speed is so essential. It is one of the attributes that separate cards. 1 thing to point out isn't all theme. Teams like the Steelers and 49ers TT are basically god squads. But a team like Dolphins and the Cardinals are gonna have a hard time competing. I would rather I have the choice although I do agree with that using a TT kind of turns MUT. Basically EA has to do a better job with imagination and gameplay.

If you are gon kind something you have ta do. There unequivocally needs to become fewer powerups in the game. And that doesn't mean carrying the things that make cards unique and putting them onto cards such as altering team chems and receiving chems. People bitch about how skills ruin the sport, and cheap Madden 21 coins just how arcadey everything is, however, see no issue with having the ability to enhance every player +5 rate and some other stat they need just due to a PU card. And getting the cheese skills because of a PU card. PU's should be restricted to a few players a staff, and the best of the best. The Mahomes and Aaron Donald's of this world, not only everyone who gets an upgrade. Make the very best of not comparable and the actually the best to everyone else.