Professions with the greatest demand

Based on in-depth analysis and research with the largest recruitment companies in the country


Data analysis at the front of the list

Based on in-depth analysis and research with the largest recruitment companies in the country, the G1 website made a list of the professions that will be on the rise in 2019, opening up job opportunities for specialized professionals, using their knowledge in various sectors and concepts of everyday life.

The fact that stood out from this research is that scientific data professionals are the highest paid, with an average salary between R $ 9 and R $ 18 thousand per month. This is because their profile as solution developers requires them to capture, analyze and show trends in data that affect the business.

One of the multiple fields of work for these professionals is soccer betting , as this is an activity that requires a lot of analysis and studies to formulate the predictions of each game. Therefore, it is necessary to collect and analyze historical data on the players' performance, in addition to recent markers and consider the possibilities of repercussion of the current conditions of each game, such as the weather, and the physical and emotional state of the players. In processing this information, scientists are able to interpret all the data collected in specific predictions about the most likely outcome of each game, which is a key part of the bookmakers' workforce.

Database administrators have to maintain SQL Server instances and manage SQL Server security. Database Administrators monitor and resolve any issues related to SQL Server. They further assist in developing solutions relating to SQL Server instances and databases. They must also successfully implement high-availability database solutions.

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