creation and maturation of the LGPD

The main influence for the creation and maturation of the LGPD, was the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


Nobody would like a campaign team to have access to your personal data like name, email, where you live, tastes and habits on the internet, without your permission. This really happened and the case became known as the case of Cambridge Analytica.

Several episodes of data leakage or even the misuse of this information have become public in recent years. Scandals like this brought so much impact that they pushed for the approval of the Personal Data Protection Act, or the General Data Protection Act , ( LGPD ) as it is best known here in Brazil.

The main influence for the creation and maturation of the LGPD, was the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into force last year and regulates the issue for European countries. This law is intended to guarantee the user more privacy and control over their data, in order to prevent misuse by third parties.

It also serves to clarify when a company can handle personal data, that is, store, process and transfer that data. The approval of the LGPD was driven by this scandal, not only because Cambridge Analytica planned to act in Brazil's elections last year, but the need to have a law regulating the processing of personal data was also exposed.

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In August 2018 , the General Data Protection Law (Law 13,709 / 2018) was enacted and would come into effect from August 2020 . However, due to the country's current situation in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, a proposal for an extension was approved in the Senate, awaiting approval by the Chamber of Deputies and signature by the President. Within this, the law will come into force in August 2021.