Users have resistance with service by robots

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It is possible that you have noticed that year after year we are increasingly serviced by recordings or automatic messages whenever we use a customer service (SAC). This is because robotization allows for a much greater number of calls than humans in the same period of time. But, despite being good for business, the other side of the counter is not satisfied.

A survey by the online research institute Qualibest showed that consumers prefer to talk to real people when it comes to solving a problem.

As much as the robot software tries to simulate a service as human as possible, whether with more natural recordings on the phone or colloquial phrases in chats and applications like W hatsApp and Telegram , people prefer traditional contact, with another person, on the other side of the line.

According to the survey, 31% of respondents do not like telephone service with a robot and 41% go further: they said they “hate” this type of service. The survey also shows that 51% of people like to be served by a person in chat. 49% like human service via WhatsApp / Telegram and 43% like human service by phone.

How to get the visibility and control needed to make the most of your company's most valuable assets: data

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The people interviewed also showed preference for the use of SAC through digital channels, as long as they are attended by a person and not by a robot.

Of the 64% of respondents who prefer this service tool, 28% prefer W hatsApp / Telegram , 28% prefer chat / chat and 8% prefer social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

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The survey was commissioned by the Sercom Group , a service provider and customer service platforms. Although the survey shows the antipathy of the consumer with automated assistance, this is a trend that should not recede.