Dollar and cloud appreciation: what is your IT missing?

Dollar and cloud appreciation: what is your IT missing?


So that companies can count on all the benefits provided by the cloud, it is necessary to plan to carry out this journey. An extensive analysis must be carried out covering everything from IT infrastructure and assets to financial aspects, and this is exactly what we are going to talk about.

One of the objectives of the financial department is to manage cash flow efficiently, thus maintaining the health of the business. Predictability is a very important criterion to assist in achieving these objectives, so choosing a cloud provider that has payment in reais can make all the difference on a financial level.

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This year, with the dollar reaching record highs and hitting R $ 6.00 and maintaining constant and sharp variations, contracts governed by that currency can generate expenditures outside of planning and affect business finances.

Taking as an example contracts with cloud providers with dollar prices leads to an increase in IT costs and impacting the financial capacity of the company as a whole.