How Does Flat Screen Printing Machine Work

How Does Flat Screen Printing Machine Work



Flat screen printing machine professional printing mobile phone cover, cell phone lenses, cell phone touch screen, light guide plate OGS / TP / CG / LTD touch screen, which is through the screen to solder paste or patch glue leakage printed on the PCB pad Equipment. So how does flat screen printing machine work?

1, flat screen printing machine work cycle process. To flat-screen flat-panel monochrome semi-automatic hand screen printing machine, for example, a working cycle is: to pieces → positioning → Imprint → down to the ink plate, lift back to the ink plate → ink stroke → rise to ink Board → back to the ink plate → lift version → ink stroke → lift the positioning → recipient.

In the continuous cycle of action, as long as the function can be achieved, each action takes as little time as possible to shorten the same period each work cycle and improve work efficiency.

2, nip line. Work in the screen printing press to the ink squeeze ink and screen printing plate, the screen printing plate and the substrate to form a contact line, called the nip. This line at the edge of the squeegee, countless nip forming printing surface. It is very difficult to realize the ideal nip line, because the printing stroke is a dynamic process.

3, screen printing machine working principle. Take the commonly used hand-screen flat screen printing machine as an example, the working principle of the screen printing machine can be described as follows: The transmission mechanism transmits the power so that the squeegee squeezes the ink and the screen printing plate during the movement so that the screen Printing plate and the substrate to form a nip, the screen has tension N1 and N2, the force on the squeegee F2, rebound so that the screen printing plate in addition to the imprinting line are not in contact with the substrate, the ink in Under the action of the squeezing force F1 of the squeegee, the squeegee slides from the moving nip to the substrate through the mesh.

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