It is important not to ignore anything so see your doctor

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Contact the nearest police. In any accident case, you must involve the authority who will write a report on the status of the accident and ascertain who was at fault. Collect all necessary information from the other driver, the other driver’s insurance company, available witnesses and passengers around. You need all these people to file your case properly if you want to win the lawsuit. Take photos or videos of the damages, license plates of the speed reducer gearbox design vehicles involved and location of the accident. This is in case you are not badly injured in the accident. Such videos are today considered crucial evidence that could help you win the case. In the situation, do not forget to record every happening and what is said. Get medical attention as soon as possible for check up even if you feel perfectly fine.

It is important not to ignore anything so see your doctor to undertake some examinations to determine if you have any serious internal injury as a result of the accident. Contact your automobile insurance company The insurance company would also wish to investigate on the accident so they should be notified as soon as possible. Do not deal with the other driver directly to get things resolved. It is crucial to call your automobile accident lawyer who will help you file for the lawsuit. Also remember that you will be dealing with the other driver’s insurance company which will fight hard not to pay for the damages. Contact your personal injury lawyer in case of serious injuries sustained from the accident. In case the injuries are not serious, usually the lawyers will advise you to settle the case directly with the other driver or their insurance company which will cut down the fee charged by your attorney.

 In case of complexities in the case involving fatal injuries, a reputable and experienced personal injury attorney would be ideal to help you go about the various processing involving the medical, insurance, property damage, disability and employment issues concerning the case.Usually, many drivers involved in accidents don’t understand that when filing for a lawsuit, the other driver’s insurance company will be also fighting hard to win the case in their favor. They will demand for a lot of information which you need to be equipped with from the word go. They will not be on your side and will work hard to argue and prove that the accident was also partially your fault so that you can get minimal payments or that you have not provided the necessary documents to support your case. This is the main reason why you need to collect all useful information that may be needed any time in the proceedings.Know the type of damage you can collectIn case of an automobile accident, there are different types of damages that you can claim compensation for. These include;Vehicle damages- these are the physical damages and dents on your car as a result of the accident.