Acrylic boxes can be used to store

These smaller sized displays are also good for shoes, or even model trains and cars if you are looking to sell toys for small children, Insulated-Double Crimp Terminals Manufacturers or collector's items for train or car buffs.


Acrylic boxes can be used to store and display various items due to their compact size and durability. They come in many different sizes and can be used in a variety of situations, so you can essentially use them to showcase anything you wish to sell. They are also light weight, so they are far easier to move than traditional displays. There are a few sizes you can use for displaying your items. Three of these sizes will be talked about in this article. 

The small, medium, and large variants. All three of these variants are good for many different types of merchandise, but a little insight on what can be displayed in each size of acrylic boxes is always welcome.  Small SizeSmall acrylic boxes can be used for most of your smaller merchandise. These items are generally things such as small glasses, knives, figurines, or other fragile merchandise like jewelry you may want to store or display around your store. You can even display sports memorabilia from a person's childhood like old timey baseball cards. 

They can also be used for displaying smaller food items if you wish to have those on sale, or if you have a sampling of a new recipe as well. These smaller sized displays are also good for shoes, or even model trains and cars if you are looking to sell toys for small children, Insulated-Double Crimp Terminals Manufacturers or collector's items for train or car buffs. Medium SizeThe medium sized acrylic boxes are indeed some of the best units to use for merchandise because of the wide variety of items that can be displayed in them. Medium sized cases are great for displaying electronic devices such as laptop computers, DVD players, or any other number of electronics. They are also good for displaying musical instruments such as guitars, especially if you do not want anyone to touch your merchandise, but just simply observe them.

 A case size of 10 inches in length, width, and height can hold an NBA regulation size basketball that has been signed by your favorite basketball star as well. Medium sized acrylic boxes can house even shoes.Large SizeThe final size you can use is the large variant. This size generally holds all your larger merchandise such as large shotguns and rifles, paintings and other large pieces of art, large sports equipment and related items such as jerseys, helmets, baseball bats, baseball caps and card collections, or anything else an avid sports fan might be willing to purchase. 

You can even put large collectible swords or multiple knives in the display cases. These would all be great choices of merchandise to put out on display.All of these different types of merchandise would be good to display in your boxes. Not only that, but the wide variety you can choose from would bring in many different types of valuable customers that would not only like to have a look at what you have to sell, but possibly keep purchasing from you if you were to have a wide variety of merchandise on display.