Justin Simmons, Denver Broncos safety

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Mathieu received a 95 rating for Mut 22 coins being a first-team All Pro for the second straight year. He was credited with six interceptions, one touchdown and also recovering a fumble.

The 29-year-old was a crucial reason why the Chiefs finished within the top 10 in scoring defense for a second consecutive year.

He is also just one point ahead of Arizona Cardinals star Budda Baker (93 rating) He was named first-team All-Pro after tallying 118 tackles in 2020.

Devin McCourty, a veteran of the New England Patriots, was extremely well-known at 93 overall, despite not being widely recognized elsewhere. The 33-year old has only played in one Pro Bowl in his past 10 years with the team.

Jamal Adams, Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams, Seattle Seahawks safety, is No. 6 with a score of 90 even though he has 9.5 tackles in 12 games this year. Minkah Fitzpatrick also scored just 89 following a strong year as the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary's anchor.

This is a major difference from the previous poll by coaches, players and other personnel from the league that put Fitzpatrick as the No. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler ranked Fitzpatrick as the top. number one safety in NFL.

A top-ranking NFL official stated that this team is the "most total security in the game of football." "Elite skills and athleticism field vision, processors, positional flexibility, production deep in the field, and can cover Man-to-Man. Can do it all."

Justin Simmons, Denver Broncos safety, finished second in the poll, however, he was only fifth in the Madden ratings (91).

It's the responsibility of the players to keep doing it on the field if they are looking to improve their video game versions of themselves in the future.

Kene Nwangwu is one of the Madden 22's fastest running backs

If you've been watching Iowa State during the 2020 season, then you're aware Kene Nwangwu is fast. It didn't matter if it was his kick return in the game against Oklahoma or his touchdown run against West Virginia, it doesn't need cheap Madden nfl 22 coins an expert in football to recognize that the running defender is a top speedster. This speed will also translate into the Madden video game.