This mini-game allows you to acquire Farming experience

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You cannot bring a dog, cat, monkey or a comfortable or recognizable pouch into the cavern the pressure from the other measurement OSRS gold is too much due to their character. The reason why you cant bring a dog, cat, monkey down there is because they can get hurt easily, the lizards which are not dragons can evade falling stones and conceal readily upon your individual from the creatures, along with the dragons, well nothing really can hurt that monster.... The birds can fly away in the rocks and creatures no problem...please note that in case you attract the pets that are allowed you can't lose them during passing in the Mini Game.

The best way to play with the Mini Game,Well I think I explained as much in'Access the Mini Game' but if you're to lazy to see that I will explain exactly what you want (after the fire lighting) to range-mine you might require a rope (if you've got 70 variety and 50 strength) and you'll require a pick axe your ok with losing and 50 range together with the required mining level for the ore your planning on becoming.

To mine out of the ceiling you have to possess the mandatory range level and you chuck the pick string at the ore onto the ceiling sometimes Old school runescape gold resulting in that stones ores falling and sometimes dropping 0-3 oresthis way is quicker then normal mining but has its own disadvantages, if your pick axe becomes stuck in the ceiling that this is where 70 range 50 strength and also the rope come in handy.