The only game that has made me feel something

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Both have their flaws, I'm certain. FF14 is more story-driven, which means that the 1-50 grind could be a bit hard to understand (although it is possible to purchase levels and other items in WoW, as well). Cleaning the contents of WOW Classic TBC Gold the base game was a true chore and my only reason for making it through was those who said it could improve and better, if you keep going. WoW didn’t need to do this, and they could cut down on their game's vanilla experience since the Warcraft series had already created the foundations of the narrative. The story that is vanilla won't be so important in the future.

It didn't just used to be a couple buttons with long GCDs, but much as WoW has evolved over the years, FF14 needed to change its fundamental gameplay in order to have an element to be found every couple of levels. Shit, my white mage comes with about five to six bars that I've completely outfitted with most of the time on. They've not done anything like the level squashes that WoW has done several times in the past, so yeah, you get stuck with the same skills for a time while you're leveling and it's somewhat inconvenient. The only true and hard issue with the game for me is PVP. The mess I'm in is beyond my understanding.

What players need to keep in mind is that they're distinct games that accomplish different things better. I'm a fan of FF14 in the end because the community is far from toxic, the narrative is more compelling, and it's a lot of fun once you start to explore the expansions. JRPGs have always been a favorite for me and this one does a great job that I regret not getting into it earlier. WoW's popularity has grown steadily from the it was a simple game until the past few years. It's very easy to pick up and play and always hits all the nostalgia buttons for me. However, the story is often laughable and sometimes I'm in need of a bit more than 10+ year old graphics. It also has the obvious, tedious time-gating.

At least there is teleporting in place of flights lasting more than 10 minutes. It is true that "Pray that you will reach the Waking Sands" is enough to make me feel like I'm suffering from anxiety from a few years ago, lmao.

While I'll continue to enjoy playing WoW, I don't think that it will ever be in another MMO. I've tried other mmos over time, but none of them have kept my interest. There are many aspects like visuals or gameplay, but the music is likely to be the most important.

The only game that has made me feel something aside from WoW in terms of music is SWTOR (and it's Star Wars music so I'm definitely going to be playing it).

I'm thinking that after Wrath I can close the chapter of WoW. My first toon was in TBC and I didn't get to the max level until a few months prior to Wrath. Wrath was where I found my footing, learned how to master raiding and my class. I had so much fun through that expansion that I cannot wait for it to revisit the game.

Story writing has hit a new low. The main opponent is boring. There are around 20 currencies in play. Content is mostly just bones. PVP is all that cheap WOW TBC Gold is available right now. High-end achievements can be bought with WoW tokens. It's not very engaging and empty.