Jagex has remained far too user-friendly in my opinion

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"No Way, you're right! black people aren't able to OSRS gold participate in this sport." You know i really couldnt help it i started laughing hysterically! I laughed so hard my balls started hurtin... ok maybe not as hard, but u get my point.

I normally avoid these small talk. I'm not a problem if they get into arguments, but this morning I was very depressed and decided to write an opening statement. It's absolutely true. "I'M BLACK AND RUNESCAPE IS my favorite thing!" SURPRISE! For a moment there i felt pure power, like my balls had grown by a couple of inches...

It was a great feeling. Okay, that last part is not true. The real story is fallows... I was unsure whether they were really serious or if it was a big joke therefore, I am sorry if the fallowing seems absurd and unbeliveable but it is the truth.

Jagex has remained far too user-friendly in my opinion. If they make changes to a policy, the community on which it is based will also change. The need for a new policy is therefore needed. A policy, or a filter as I call them sometimes, must be dynamic to be effective. Jagex must filter out feedback as it increases in volume to buy RuneScape Mobile gold ensure that the data is utilized for the purpose it was intended to be. This is the area where Jagex is lacking.