The Benefits are: The Skill to build a Pasture along

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I think this would be good way to engage in RS gold certain arbitrary philanthropy without having rewarding the greedy behaviour of party crashers or allowing RWT. What do you believe? Finally, in case you don't think it's likely to work, please specify the reason why. The last few posts were a bit curable at the why section, so Sleepy's left in the dark. Thank you Razorlike for pointing outside the bank supervision, and to Wiltingplant for suggesting that people sending gifts ought to be able to see who receives the gifts.

I think using a Pasture and a Coop on your own house would function for better meals rather than having to walk to a farmland where there are chickens and cattle. So to start with, there is a quest to perform. So you need to speak to Sarah, a person living in the farm south of Falador. She will tell you that one of her dairy cows is currently missing. She'll tell you that the burglar took it into the west. Say that you'll help.

Then you go outside. You will see the thief dropped something. Pick this up, and you will see it is a runestone using engravings in a different language. Return to Sarah and give her the stone. She will say the Black Wizards utilize these runestones as strategies. Go to the Dark Wizards tower. When you arrive there will be a cutscene with the Dark Wizards talking with the Dairy Cow at the corner of the area.

They say they are going to send him a letter inviting him to their tower and giving them the poisoned milk instead of the normal milk. You will see them putting the milk on the table then the wizards going out to give the king the correspondence. Walk inside the tower and empty the poisoned milk and then replace it with regular milk. You'll see the toxin in the middle with only enough doses to fill the wizards poisoned milk. Then you'll see a cutscene where they wizards are meeting with the king. The wizards will die from poison, then the King will operate out the door back to Falador.

The Benefits are: The Skill to build a Pasture along with also a Coop, A newly born calf and a chicken, 2000 hunter exp and 2000 building exp. In the coop, it will be empty. Build pins that require 15 wood and 10 claws.

You can construct troughs for food and water that every need five wood. The water trough asks a bucket of water, along with the buy OSRS gold trough necessitates chicken feed that you could buy out of Sarah. You could also purchase more chicken. They will ocassionally lay eggs in their own pins. You can even fill the room with hay, which you may get from Sarah. You have to have 10 heaps of hay for that.