It combines the best features of an electric device with acompact one

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Have you ever wanted the speed and accuracy ofan electric zebra blind parts stapler in a compact unit that you can take with youwherever you go? If so, you're going to love the Swingline Speed GripElectric Stapler. It is a small, portable electric stapler that fits inthe palm of your hand so you can use it wherever you want. This articlewill list in detail the strengths of this product and also fill you inon its minor weaknesses so you can decide if the Speed Grip is rightfor you. Strengths: The Speed Grip is 100% portableso you can really use it just about anywhere. This is a handheld devicethat won't take up a lot of room in a drawer or briefcase, plus itfeels pretty comfortable in the hand. This is due to the soft gripmaterial that covers the device, as well as the ergonomic design.

 This device can be powered either by 4 AA batteries or a wall outlet.An AC adapter is included with the machine so you don't have to buy oneseparately. The Speed Grip can staple as few as2 sheets or as many as 20 and it does so in a flash. This should be agood enough stapling capacity for most users. You have the choice of two stapling methods: automatic and grip. Thegrip mode is ideal for when you want to have total control over yourstapling by pressing a button on top of the device. To switch betweenmodes, you just need to slide a lever on the side of the stapler. This machine performs beautifully when used with the right staples.Swingline S.F. 3 premium staples are the ones to use for maximumperformance. There are plastic discs on thesides of the stapler that can be removed so you can customize it withphotographs and/or text. This is a feature that's pretty uncommon, soit really makes the Speed Grip stand out. Customizing it with your namecould be a good way of ensuring no one walks off with your stapler.

The Speed Grip has a contemporary black and gray design that's very appealing. Finally, this product has a limited 2-year warranty and is reasonably priced. Weaknesses: Since the Speed Grip can only staple up to 20 sheets,it's clearly not for heavy-duty use or for the finishing of longdocuments. It is incapable of center-stitch fastening as well. Having to use 4 AA batteries is a bit excessive and will wind up beingexpensive if you use this stapler a lot. To save money in thatinstance, you should either plug the unit in when using it or switch torechargeable or lithium batteries. They'll last much longer than theordinary ones. If the Swingline Speed Grip's weaknessesaren't an issue for you, you'll definitely love this stapler. It worksquickly and well, it can staple a decent number of sheets, and it'sportable. It combines the best features of an electric device with acompact one and does so wonderfully. Get one for yourself today!