Curtain poles can also give you the opportunity to be a bit more creative

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Youre in the middle of redecorating your lounge and youre confident that youve sorted out the big important aspects of the Zebra Blind Components Manufacturers room. Your new sofa has been delivered, your clean and luxurious carpet has been fitted and youve even got your curtains ready to put up. But have you considered whether you want to attach them to a curtain pole or a curtain rail? If so, which specific type or style will suit your room?They may not be the first thing you think about when you are decorating a room within your house, but curtain poles or curtain rails are important to the practicality and aesthetics of your newly decorated room.Curtain rails (also known as curtain tracks) are generally white in colour and available in metal or plastic. They use gliders as a means to open and close curtains and are available in a variety of forms. The three most popular types of curtain rail however are uncorded, corded and electric tracks.

The first, and probably the most common curtain rail is the standard uncorded track; these are simply curtains that are physically pulled open or closed and we tend to see these used more regularly on a day to day basis. The second type of curtain rail is a corded track. These incorporate a long cord, which can generally be found running down the side of the curtains. This cord must then be pulled to open or close a pair of curtains and whilst these are still around today, they are not as fashionable to be used alongside curtains in modern society; you are more likely to see them being used on blinds nowadays.The final version of a curtain rail is an electric track. Whilst these are well-known for being used within large office conference rooms, it is becoming trendy nowadays to install these within the home and add a touch of luxury to ones surroundings.Curtain poles on the other hand, use ringlets that are fastened to the curtains and which can then easily be opened or drawn manually.

 When it comes to decorating, curtains poles can provide you with a bit more freedom than curtain rails as they are available in a variety of colours and materials. They can give you the opportunity to really show off the look and style that you are trying to achieve within that room. For instance, a metal curtain pole would give off a gleaming contemporary look, whereas a light wooden curtain pole would appear more natural.Curtain poles can also give you the opportunity to be a bit more creative. Finials are shaped, and often coloured, additions that are attached to the ends of a curtain pole. Midials have exactly the same concept, but instead these can be attached anywhere along a curtain pole. By adding finials and midials to your curtain pole, you can really show off your personality and be creative simultaneously. In addition to this, if a finial cannot be attached to your curtain pole, dont despair as you can still add midials to it, ensuring that your personality shines through.