Chinese New Year Entertainment

With over 14 years of experience working with various artists and event organisers globally, Energy Entertainments guarantee to deliver the highest standard performances and concepts every time. Specialising in fire entertainment and providing specialty entertainers and shows for events an

Are you looking for a wow-factor show for the Chinese New Year? Martial arts entertainment that is liked by young and old, Chinese kung fu forms, choreographed sword battles, dance performances with nun-chucks, bow staff, whips and more. This is a high-energy show that is not to be missed!

Martial Fire is a high-energy fire display combining flaming sword battles and choreography, Kung Fu forms and fire fists, all with a combination of exciting fire explosions and different weapons releasing sparks. This show will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Martial Fire offers upbeat wow-factor entertainment that’s sure to please any audience member of any age or genre. Book today to experience this electrifying show.

Martial Fire have performed for major events for over 4 years and have showcased this upbeat and dynamic show for various Chinese celebrations.

All safety equipment, PA and logistics can be supplied by Energy Entertainments. Risk Assessments are created for every event and we guarantee a safe but exhilarating show every time!

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