The Undead also have a particular gold arrangement

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Broadly, there are three types of units in Warcraft 3. Units and Heroes are for battle, Workers are for collecting resources and building buildings. The two tools you'll be sending your workers to collect are gold, accumulated from gold mines, and lumber, collected from trees.

Getting the most from your workers is key to financing a successful game, which means amassing gold and lumber as economically as you can. Every faction begins with five workers. Right off the bat, you will need three on gold, one on timber, and one for building. You'll want to increase that number to the maximum of five percent mine whenever possible, and at least four to lumber.

There are a number of differences between the factions you are going to want to know about, too. Orcs and Humans are functionally the same, together with employees manually chopping trees down and evaporating into gold mines to accumulate gold, then walking back the resources to your Hall construction. Therefore, you are going to need Halls as close to gold mines as possible. If, for any reason, you have to construct one additional than the minimum distance, you'll want more than the five employees to compensate for the lost time.

Night Elf workers, called Wisps, want to Entangle a Gold Mine to collect from it, that takes 60 minutes. Once assembled, Wisps could be'loaded' into the mine, gathering gold without needing to move. Being the ecological sort, they likewise don't destroy trees while gathering lumber, like the other factions. Pop a wisp on a tree, and it is going to float around collecting lumber for the remainder of the game.

The Undead also have a particular gold arrangement -- a Haunted Gold Mine. Much like Night Elf Wisps, Undead Acolytes stay on the mine and collect automatically. In 100 seconds, construction one is slower than the Entangled Gold Mine, however, Undead Acolytes don't have to stay around in one spot to construct, rather summoning a portal that attracts their structures into existence. Once the portal is summoned, they're free to start other jobs.

Undead also differ in the buy TBC Classic Gold other factions in that they need to utilize their simplest combat unit -- Ghouls -- to collect lumber. They're also a lot more defensible, if your competitor target your workers.