Since more than 84% of all manufacturers have less than fifty employees

China Three Phase Motors Manufacturers
 Three Phase Motors Manufacturers


Companies like Hi-Rel Corporation have utilized this delineation recently by leasing the E-Z MRP system for manufacturers with more than 500 parts. According to Jerry Stouffer, “It made sense given our cash flow and I would recommend E-Z-MRP to other small manufacturers because the support is excellent and the product is easy to work with.” Stouffer did suggest that manufacturers looking for a customer relations management module should look at something else. However he was impressed with, “…How fast it (E-Z-MRP) calculates our requirements.

I have 800 items in the database and it only takes 20 seconds.”Small manufacturers with more than about a hundred parts can no longer manage the manufacturing process manually or on an Excel spreadsheet. Since more than 84% of all manufacturers have less than fifty employees, there is a remarkable opportunity for cost-effective manufacturing systems like E-Z-MRP. Despite the extensive media coverage regarding ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), in most cases these small manufacturers do not require all the functionality offered, nor can many afford the price point. Somewhere between Excel and ERP is the core process for most manufacturers. By offering the two versions of E-Z-MRP, no small manufacturer will be required to purchase more software than actually needed, while still having the ability to grow into the E-Z-MRP Unlimited version.Smolin noted that some manufacturers will start with the under 500 parts version of E-Z-MRP, priced at $2995, and grow into the new unlimited version, priced at $9800. Beach Access Software credits the $2995 for China Three Phase Motors Manufacturers customers who later choose to upgrade.


Other small manufacturers who presently have more than five hundred parts will start right away with the E-Z-MRP Unlimited version.To accommodate the new pricing structure E-Z-MRP offers a Leasing program that ensure a rapid Return-on-Investment. •Lease E-Z-MRP with two full years of support for just $169.96 per month. •Lease E-Z-MRP Unlimited with two full years of support for just $495.00 per month. For more information visit the company’s web site: