It seems that he deleted his comment

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Cephus really got some love at madden

A 67 overall for a round pick a high catching score. That damn great for a beginner. Honestly was anticipating a 60 to high 50's. Im boycotting Mut 21 coins1 but still cool to see. Which are the ratings for the rookies? Ruggs has the highest rating for recipients at 76. 21 beginner receivers are rated higher. His agility and speed rating are a few of the smallest. With how Madden ratings function, the key will be his development traits.

Not really. I have dev traits for my slot men at the beginning of the season. As long as they're young and you get them with the ball they generally end up with a dev senario. He won't be. Grear out side guy but his evaluations work very well to get a slot. He has one of the top catching evaluations for rookies too. I wish everyone could. We'd find a game that wasn't only a rehash of past years. Problem is that EA is targeting the top 100 MUT spenders. Even if everyone boycotts but those people spend thousands on team, Madden was a victory to EA. Especially should they minimize their investment and do not pay everyone to code any new game modes or create any critical changes to gameplay.

My CFM seems to be more competitive than normal this season with the newest development characteristics. I enjoy Madden 21 play for the most part also, outside of a few BS calls and INT / Fumble bobbles. The rest of Madden 21 is a wreck. My KO has only not worked, although I really don't know whether it is the fault of xbox. It moved from working fine to just working with two, and it simply does not work. I've uninstalled, re-installed, opened ports in my router, even went as far as altering ISP (maybe not for this particular purpose). It simply ceased functioning on xbox. Mostly any p2p connection stopped working for me outside of CFM (thankfully).

Boycotting madden 21? What's the point. Madden 21 is broken and the programmers do not care, so more and more people are currently boycotting Madden 21 in the hopes of a much product that was better down the road. Based on your comments, the absence of self awareness and irony on screen this is baffling. Does not make this any less true just because you're easily entertained. Nobody gives a fuck about sheep suckling the teet of corporations! Enjoy, there is no need to become an ass lol I mean. I'm not a"Madden fanboy" or anything, I do not care about MUT, but I'm able to squeeze out a hell of a great deal of pleasure from the new Maddens. Doesn't mean I am easily entertained or whatever.

It seems that he deleted his comment. Thats not my language. He had been in other subreddits saying these things and attacking individuals. I told him to cool and he definitely did not. I was just throwing it back at him. He explained:"Games this creation are unimaginative rehashed crap. Just because you're easily entertained doesn't make this any less true." (Discussing Metro and DMC in this instance.) Then in his remark here he said:"nobody gives a fuck about poor losers boycotting a match". He was being the ass. I'm not bothered if folks like Madden. I play with buy Madden 21 coins a lot a FIFA. Anything that makes you happy.