The abstract

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The abstract is the simplest form of independent written work of the student, but even with it there are difficulties, so there is a service The abstract does not require a large amount of factual material, nor in-depth analysis, nor fundamental conclusions. An abstract is a superficial paper that touches upon only one rather narrow topic and indicates the main generally accepted points of view on this topic. This applies to any student essay - on economics, history, law and all other disciplines, as with calculations can help service


The abstract should include a table of contents, an introduction, several chapters (2 to 5), a conclusion and a list of references. It is desirable to have references, although you can do without them. References in the abstract, as well as in other student works (term and diploma), you can do in two ways - at the bottom of the page or in square brackets with the source number in the reference list. The first option is more convenient and clearer. The normal number of references for the abstract - from 2 to 8. The list of references for the abstract should usually include 4-12 positions - normative acts, books, printed periodicals, Internet-resources - which will turn out during the work and are needed on a particular topic, for example, the service help with history.


Nothing deep or complicated is required in the essay. In principle, almost any essay (on any discipline) can be written using just a couple of regular textbooks. It is desirable to choose thicker textbooks - it is always easier to reduce than to "bloat".


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