The number of holes in the lid will depend on the size

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Many individuals decide to keep chickens while others raise livestock but if you want to help the soil or restore its nutrients, then you should definitely build a worm farm, as opposed of buying it from the China NMRV-NMRV Manufacturers supply store. A good thing about building your own farm is that the price isn't too high. The only thing you will need are 3 to 4 stackable bins or plastic crates wood or some other light and water resistant compound, a few worms, and some insect screen for the bottom, ripped up newsprint, yard earth or potting compost, water and good bits of organic garbage.When you finally have all of these it is time to build the worm farm by placing a number of holes in the lid and on the bottom.

The number of holes in the lid will depend on the size of the box or bin but keep in mind that the holes must be evenly spaced to let oxygen and excess water pass through and to let worm waste drain. The insect scree you picked up should be securely placed at the bottom to keep the worms in.Now that you have worked on the outside of the worm farm it's time to go to the inside by putting in some with newspaper. It works out best if you put three quarters of this inside and make sure you dampen it with water before adding the soil or potting mix in the grit this is just to make sure the worms eat the scraps you provide. When you are done this is the time to introduce the worms to their new abode.

Some people throw in a thousand worms and as long as they're happy they will breed and more likely than not, you'll lose count of their exact number.But what about the other bins? Well, the last step is actually place the other containers over the first one. If you are knowledgeable in the dietary habits of worms a few examples are coffee grounds or tea bags, smashed egg shells, fruit peelings, hair, stale cookies and cakes, wood dust, plate scraps, moist cardboard, vacuum debris and vegetable waste. In short, worms love to eat dirt and leftovers but you need to avoid putting in too much since it is possible to overfeed them the best way to determine how much is enough would be to place a small amount in at first and then watch and see how long it takes form them to eat it before you put in more food.

Since it's a big area it'll also help to place their food in a different spot every time.Watch your worms constantly so you can be certain that the shredded damp newspaper doesn't dry out and if it needs changed make sure to replace this with a new one.Naturally, poop will accumulate in the bottom of the box but that waste product is also called vermicast and it helps plants grow. The only way to get to itwithout having the worms get out is to pull off the lid and just leave it for a while under direct sunlight. worms don't care much for the sun so by their nature, they'll look for cover and you wonrsquo;t have a hard time collecting the vermicast and closing the lid.The worm farm is a great tool, and to help you grow flowers, fruits or even veggies and all that's required is a bit of willpower to get the support of these tiny beasts.