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Open the doorway to the bottom, and you will enter a factory-like construction. Go down a route to the left, and you will OSRS gold come across a steel door, and an elevator. Open the steel door (that you can't input ), and make use of your tinderbox on your magic log. Enter the elevator, and try to move the crank inside. You find out that it's secured, and you need to enter the answer to an easy double digit multiplication problem (like 56 * 28).

Once you go into the response, you will have the ability to crank the crank (requires 70 power ). The lift will go up to another level, in which you will then go down a path to the right. Open another steel door, shed a magic log, light it, and the coal will light on fire again. Run back into the elevator, and you will smell smoke. Your commorb will turn on, and Veldaban will tell you that the floors are lighting quicker than he believed.

You've twenty seconds to unlock the crank, and get up to every floor, or your own commorb will teleport you out, and you will have to begin again (and you'll have to get your very own magical logs). Proceed through the process of answering the mathematics problem (which can change for each level), cranking the crank, and light the lava on fire three more times. Once you light the fifth coal storage, you will crank up to the roof, where you will find Hreidmar, in shock about what is happening to his base. There is nowhere left to run, Hriedmar. The Temple Knights are here to stop you. Sir Tiffy Cashien will then look alongside you, coming out of a purple teleport spell. Zachman3334 is correct, there's nowhere you can go. That is exactly what you think! STC will then conjure a teleblock on Hreidmar, but he will drop some type of tab, and teleport away before STC can complete it. Zachman3334, we do not have a lot of time. The construction will certainly be lit completely in a couple of minutes....Aah! A skeleton warrior called"Hreidmar's minion" will look. STC will draw a sword, and endeavor to combat it, but it is going to knock out STC, and strike youpersonally, (level 60 slayer required). It's level 90, and utilizes just melee. Once it is defeated, STC will wake up as the roof is about to be lit completely on fire. You will Runescape gold 2007 catch his hands, and he will break a tab, and you will wind up back with Veldaban. The Red Axe won't be able to attack Keldagrim anytime soon. However...I have to provide you and Sir Tiffy some. . .horrible news. What? They are holding him as a captive, and will just return him when we reunite their Lordwho is not talking.