You may even make a good quantity of money from raising the slots

You may even make a good quantity of money from raising the slots


That is excellent! From the time I'd learned how to meseta pso2 do so it had been too late for me to raly reap a lot of benefit from it. This will hopefully help a whole lot of new players!

Hey guy ty for putting this together, I've a question, recently I have my stock almost full of 7+stars weapons, I attempt to keep what's (in my limited experience) good affixes.

My question is, there is a manual or something which may help me put a price on these items?

I attempted using the ingame instrument but nearly all the time there's a big gap between prices and I am kinda lost, I have seen 4 celebrity weapons market for 100k+ meseta and also the same affixes on a greater rarity weapon sell for way less than that.

I dont even have a fantastic method of giving you costs other than checking against weapons with the specific same augments. Perhaps you're missing the affix urge? Weapons with the exact same augments but more strengthens slots are worth more and vice versa. You may even make a good quantity of money from raising the slots on already good augments.

Rarity does not issue for affixing augments. In general you want to search the augment and see what they are selling for. People love to min max attack stats so people are always more precious. In addition, you will need to take into account the number of reinforces affixed into a weapon. Anything less than three people will probably not buy. Together with three augments you can get around 100 to a single attack stat on your chosen piece of gear.

Thanks for putting this together! I knew I needed to begin reading guides to comprehend the game as a novice, but I decided to play it raw (am only a filthy casual participant ). Now I can begin reading up as I gradually approach the late game. Enjoy it!

You know there's something wrong when a game needs a buy pso2 meseta xbox whole lot of external resources to know even the basics. Along with the"9 years old game" narrative doesn't work anymore, since in those years there were well explained and identically complex games. Thank you so much for this guide, not all heroes wear capes.